Reflection on the Fourth of July 2022

Today as our country is in turmoil and the world is reeling with war, we need to offer our prayers to God for the ability to have our freedom.

A prayer for the Fourth of July

PRAYER: Gracious God, on this day in which Americans celebrate our independence, we offer prayers for our country and its leaders.

First, we thank you for all the ways you have blessed us as a nation. Though our nation is far from perfect, nevertheless, it has been the source of much goodness, both for American citizens and for the world. In particular, we thank you today for the freedom we have to worship you and live out our faith without fear. In today’s world, this is nothing to take for granted…even though we do so often take it for granted.

Second, we pray for our leaders today. we pray for President Joe Biden and his administration, for those who serve in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, for members of the of our court systems, for the leaders of the U.S. Military and for all who serve our government, and we pray for all Governors. And we pray for the leaders of our cities. Grant to all of these leaders your wisdom. Give them hearts that seek you and your truth. Guide them in your ways.

All praise be to you, King of kings, because you are the ultimate authority in this universe. You are always right, always good, always gracious, always just. Amen.

So, as this holiday rolls around again, let’s do fireworks and cookouts, parades, and picnics. As we celebrate, we need to stop and remember all those who have given so much for our freedom.  But primarily, may we as a nation heed the words of our first president and use this day as an opportunity to, as George Washington said, “… acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor.”

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