Grandparents Day prayer

September 12, 2021

Dearest Lord Jesus,

We come to you today, praying for each of our grandchildren and their parents. While these loved ones are precious to us, they are more adored by You, their Lord and Savior. We pray You bless them with good health, sound minds, healthy emotions and loving hearts.  Please guide and guard them in this challenging world. Let them know You intimately, love them passionately and that they serve You faithfully all the days of their lives. We pray You equip us to be the godly grandparents, which You envisioned when You created us. May we always love our grandchildren as You love them. May we understand them as You understand them and view them as You view them. Lord Jesus, we now place our thanksgivings and prayer request for our grandchildren and their parents at the foot of the cross… (As we pray this please mention your children and grandchildren by name, giving thanks and offering special prayer requests.) All this, we ask in Your precious and powerful Name, Jesus! Amen.

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